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15th Summer Exhibitions Series

15th Summer Exhibitions Series at Studio Connexion 2023.jpg
15th Summer Series Screenshot.jpg


"Journey to the Butterfly" 
Barbara Maye

Exploring the Kootenays in her quest to source soapstone for her sculptures, she has created a series of landscape painting to accompany her carvings.

Ursula A. Untitled V.jpg
Barbara MAYE Visions.jpg
"Playful II"
Ursula Abresch

An experimental digital photographer displaying her second showing at Studio Connexion. Working with light and movement Ursula captures an abstract view of her environment. She is a proud member of the Pacific Art Group.

Studio Connexion is a Fine Arts Gallery in the heart of Nakusp, showcasing local talent and other artists from across Canada. Originally a boutique selling antique reproduction furniture, Studio Connexion evolved into a Fine Art Gallery which hosts a number of art exhibitions each year. It is a cultural space promoting visual art in the Arrow Lakes region and the West Kootenays.

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