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Maureen Howard
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David Nixon
Brigitte Desbois
Betty Fahlman
Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki
Sharon Bamber
Charlene Duncan
Galena Bay.jpg

Marc Grandbois

"Comme Revient la Couleur"🔴
"Rivière Petit Saguenay"
"Mysterious McIntyre Lake"🔴

Chantal Julien

"Tout Près D'Ici" 🔴
"At The Pier Parrsboro"
"Île du Marais" 🔴

Perry Haddock

"Lakeview Kaleidoscope"🔴
"Autumn Drama"
"Okanagan Bouquet" 🔴
"Policemen Creek II"
"Pretty in Pink" 🔴

Janet B. Armstrong

"Into the Wild"
"The Osprey Return"
"Rainstorm Rocks" 🔴

Sharon Bamber

"Blue Energy"
"Sherbet Sky" 🔴
"Touch Of Light" 🔴

Grace Croughan

"View At 12 Mile" 🔴
"Sliver of Light"
"Fall Chorus"

Brigitte Desbois

"Lake Side Reflection" 🔴
"Evening Calm"
"Herring Time"

Allan Dunfield

"River Mosaic"
"Black Water Pond" 🔴
"Mountain Orange" 🔴

Brian Buckrell

"After a First Dusting"
"Breaking Skies" 🔴
"Winter Sunset Sun"

Dale Byhre

"Shinney in the Park"
"35 King Street"
"Game Winner" 🔴

Richard Brodeur

"On The Prowl"
"Arrow Lake Heron" 🔴
"Bay Bull Puffin" 🔴

Derrick Higgins

"Almost Ala Prima" 🔴
"Valhalla Highs" 🔴
"2131" & "2126" 🔴

David Langevin

"Abundance" 🔴

Patricia Palmer

"Landscape from Journey to the Butterfly Exhibit" 🔴

Barbara Maye

"Mountain Sunshine" 🔴
"Upper Kuskanux" 🔴
"High Water at Burton" 🔴

Betty Fahlman

"Three Blonde Pears"
"Misty Pink"
"Little Abstract" 🔴

Holly Woods

"High Country Solitude"
"Cooling my Toes" 🔴

Maureen Howard

"The Towers" 🔴
"Rossland Range" 🔴
"Brouse Pastoral" 🔴

Louise Drescher

"Larches on Opabin"
"Only a Memory" 🔴
"Fall Reflections"

Grant Waddell

"Floating Blossoms"
"Lavender Light"
"Road Home" 🔴

Lori Korkola

"Self Portrait" 🔴
"Surrounded by Medicine" 🔴
"Staubert Lake" 🔴

Delreé Dumont

"Raven's Rest" 🔴
"Waterway" 🔴
"Winter Landscape"

Charlene Duncan

"South Beach Cliffs Hakai" 🔴
"High Water" 🔴
"Pastel" 🔴

Lorna Guild

"Petal Shards"
"Suddenly" 🔴

Louise Ducharme

"Finn's Slough"
"Let's Talk" 🔴
"Princess Park" 🔴

Ann Eynon

"Poppies" 🔴

Denyse Marshall

"Tant De Possibles I"
"Tant De Possibles II"

Linda Cyrenne

"Coral" 🔴

Ryan Sparreboon

"Valhalla Vibrations"🔴
"Ymir Grandeur"🔴
"Majestic Drinnon"🔴

Bryn Stevenson

M-C. Claveau

"East Bear Glacier"
"Sunset Creek"
"Fog Over Maroon Mountain" 🔴

Stephanie Gauvin

"Forever Blue II"
"Secret Spot Study" 🔴
"Moonlight Serenade" .🔴

Catherine P. Robertson

"It Snowed in the Hills" 🔴
"At Home in the Alpine"🔴
"Morning Nest"
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