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Maureen Howard
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David Nixon
Brigitte Desbois
Betty Fahlman
Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki
Sharon Bamber
Charlene Duncan
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Marc Grandbois

"Les Foins Gelés"
"Savane du Soir"
"Mysterious McIntyre Lake"

Chantal Julien

"Tout Près D'Ici"
"At The Pier Parrsboro"
"Île du Marais"
"Lakeview Kaleidoscope"
"Island Broom"
"Okanagan Bouquet"

Perry Haddock

"Policemen Creek II"
"Pretty in Pink"

Janet B. Armstrong

Sharon Bamber Into-the-Wild_edited
"The Osprey Return"
"Rainstorm Rocks"

Sharon Bamber

"Forever Yours"
"Lightness And Solitude"
"Touch Of Light"

Grace Croughan

"View At 12 Mile"
"Sliver of Light"
"Fall Chorus"

Brigitte Desbois

"Lake Side Reflection"
"Evening Calm"
"Herring Time"

Allan Dunfield

"River Mosaic"
"Black Water Pond"
"Mountain Orange"

Brian Buckrell

"Carpenter Creek"
"Sundown Ripples"
"Apple Tree In Winter"

Ursula Abresch

"Shinney in the Park"
"Alberta Bound"
"Game Winner"

Richard Brodeur

"On The Prowl"
"Arrow Lake Heron"
"Bay Bull Puffin"

Derrick Higgins

"Almost Ala Prima"
"2131" & "2126"
"No Cougars"

David Langevin


Patricia Palmer

"Landscape from Journey to the Butterfly Exhibit"

Barbara Maye

"Mountain Sunshine"
"Upper Kuskanux"
"High Water at Burton"

Betty Fahlman

"Three Blonde Pears"
"Misty Pink"
"Little Abstract"

Holly Woods

"Voice Your Love"
"Exquisite Simplicity"
"Living With Intention"

Monika Wright

"The Towers"
"Rossland Range"
"Brouse Pastoral"

Louise Drescher

"Only a Memory"
"Drifting By"
"Still Waiting"

Grant Waddell

"Floating Blossoms"
"Lavender Light"
"Road Home"

Lori Korkola

"Self Portrait"
"Surrounded by Medicine"
"Staubert Lake"

Delreé Dumont

"Raven's Rest"

Charlene Duncan

"South Beach Cliffs Hakai"
"High Water"

Lorna Guild

"Petal Shards"

Louise Ducharme

"Let's Talk"
"Princess Park"

Ann Eynon


Denyse Marshall

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